Charlotte Pool Builder

Lazy River Swimming Pools

Once a feature reserved for water parks and luxury resorts, Lazy River Swimming Pools are now available to you and your family. The rush of water pushing them through the landscape around a maze of rocks and waterfalls make them a magical addition to any luxury backyard. Lazy Rivers require careful engineering and design.

Charlotte Pool Builder

Transform your backyard into a private water park

Take your new pool to the next level with a resort-style lazy river pool. A gentle current provides a relaxing ride around your pool and the addition of islands, waterfalls, and other features provide endless possibilities for customization.

Lazy River Pool Customizations

The possibilities are endless when customizing your lazy river pool. Traditionally, lazy river pools are freeform in shape but can be designed to fit a modern, geometric style, too. The addition of islands, bridges, slides, or grottos can enhance the fun of your lazy river pool. Waterfalls, laminar jets, or other water features can enhance your experience.

Lazy River Pool Engineering

Lazy Rivers require careful engineering and design. The proper flow coupled with precisely positioned intakes is essential for the successful lazy river pool system. Partnering with Executive Swimming Pools is the first step to a successful lazy river project.