The stonework on the wall is now complete and the sheer descents have also been installed.  


The homeowner chose Pebble Sheen in Blue Granite for the pool’s interior finish.  The pebble is shot into the pool and then hand troweled to a smooth surface.



A rinsing wand uses water pressure to remove excess cement in order to expose the stones in the pebble sheen mix.  A blower helps to move water and the excess cement off of areas with no slope; otherwise,  it would dry and harden in these areas and the beauty of the stones would not be seen. 



The pool has been acid-washed to expose the pebble finish and is now being filled with water. The picture below shows the new light niche for the Pentair GloBrite LED light.


These pebble top drain covers are VGB  suction entrapment prevention code compliant and offer a more low-profile and aesthetically pleasing look than the traditional plastic drain covers.




This renovation is almost complete.  The deck will be power-washed and two coats of color sealer will be applied.  

Now is a great time to renovate your pool!

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