We took advantage of a small window of opportunity with the weather on Monday and were able to shoot the pool shell, using 4,000 psi shotcrete.  

Shotcrete or Gunite?  

What is the difference and which is better?  Gunite is a mixture of portland cement, sand and water.  The cement and sand are pumped through a hose to a nozzle where the water is added prior to being applied through a pressurized air nozzle.  Shotcrete is a mixture of portland cement, aggregate (rock) and water all mixed together and pumped from a concrete truck’s barrel mixer to a concrete pump.  The shotcrete is pumped through a 2 1/2″ hose that has a compressed air nozzle where the the shotcrete is then pneumatically applied.  Because of the aggregate (rock) in the shotcrete and our experience with application, we believe the shotcrete to be a stronger and longer-lasting product.



Here is the completed shell, with 10″ thick walls and 8″ thick floor.  The pool is starting to take shape as you can now see the steps and bench.


 Now is a great time to build a pool!

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